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ADD: 16 Tongyi Road, Weihai City, China

TEL: 86-0631-5233588

FAX: 86-0631-5224345

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Salute to Those Working Hard during the Festivals

Release Time:2022-2-18 17:31:40

During the Spring Festival when families got reunited

There are some people

Who are still working on their posts.

By showing the dedication to their work

They create the wonderful tradition of WIETC

Featuring “Daring to strive, daring to win”.

A series of bulletins are ready

To deliver great respect and heartfelt greetings to them!


During the Spring Festival, Tongda trucks were heading for the project site of clients.

        The sky looked golden in the sunset.

        Lao Bai, the chief driver, said that usually he didn’t have time to take photos. The truck broke down due to some trivial problem and was being repaired. He had time to take this photo.

        Lao Bai sent the photo to his family members, who said the photos were really beautiful. However, it is a pity that they didn’t see Mr. Bai in it.  

         “We have a tight schedule. In order to send the goods to the customers on time, all the colleagues from Tongda Transit are still working even during the Spring Festival. I can't waste time on the road.” Lao Bai said.

        Just like Lao Bai, many WIETC dream chasers working overseas feel sorry facing their families. However, there is hope if we keep working hard. We will keep running forward if there is hope. Beautiful scenery is on the way. Let’s strive for a better future. 

Sedhiou High School project team in Senegal


Sedhiou High School project team is carrying out                             Sedhiou High School project team is carrying out

the foundation earthwork backfilling.                                               the concrete construction of the foundation beam.

To ensure all underground work was completed before the rainy season in May, the project team made the detailed construction timetable. Because of the tight schedule, the project team didn’t take a rest and kept working during the Spring Festival. 

Harnessing project along the upper reaches of Mangoky River in Madagascar


Hoisting the pipes                                                                            Structure construction


 Canal construction
The primary test is scheduled on February 20. Time is very limited. The project team was still working hard even during the Spring Festival, hoisting the pipes and building the structures and canals. 

Civil engineering project of 55 MW thermal power station in Senegal

        Due to the tight schedule, the project team completed the concrete placing on the night before Chinese New Year’s Eve. The maintenance work continued normally on New Year’s Eve and the Chinese New Year. At the same time, the asphalt painting was finished before the foundation earthwork backfill.

Airport control tower project in Comoros


Formwork building                                                          Steel bar binding  


  Concrete pouring

        In the early stage of the project, the project was suspended due to geological reasons. During the Spring Festival, all the staff of the project team worked hard to catch up with the progress and spent the Spring Festival in hard work.

 The project of Mali Agricultural Development Bank

With a total built area of about 33,000 m2, the project consists of the main building, the above-ground parking building and supporting facilities. In order to speed up the progress, the staff kept working hard on the construction site even during the Spring Festival.

Fence project in Guinea Airport


Discussing with the owners about the construction of  fire-control passage in the air traffic area          


Safety education for the Chinese employees                      Installing the barbed wire on the fences

     Due to the strike at the Guinean Port, the delivery of materials such as thorn ropes and iron thistles for the fences was delayed by 20 days. In order to ensure the construction task can be completed within the agreed time, the project team immediately started working overtime after the short Spring Festival break to catch up with the progress and spent a busy but fruitful Chinese New Year.

        For overseas WIETCers, there is a strong atmosphere of the Chinese New Year in the happy gathering of colleagues. And the smooth progress of the project is a deep gratification for them. More WIETCers are silently practicing the spirit of "conscientious and facing up to difficulties” with their perseverance and interpreting the new meaning of "reunion" for the Chinese New Year with their assiduous efforts!

Thank you for your hard work! 

Wish you

Good luck in the Year of Tiger!

Best wishes!

Copyright:Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd.(c) Address :16 Tongyi Road, Weihai City, China  Lu ICP, number 12002982, -3 TEL:86-0631-5287769  FAX:86-0631-5224345  Lu public network security 37100202000269Number  Technical Support:Aosion
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